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Our team consists of PhD level professionals with backgrounds in AI, computer science, physics and sustainability

Why come work for us?

Entis is an exciting company to work for because of its dynamic and pioneering atmosphere, as well as the opportunities it offers for your continued development while working at the cutting-edge frontier of AI, big data and sustainable investment results. Our team consists of PhD level professionals with backgrounds in AI, computer science, physics and astrophysics who have years of experience in professional business consulting. Within this team, you will get the support and space to perform at your very best. Interested? Follow us on LinkedIn for vacancies, or send your open application with a letter of motivation. Become our next pioneering Entis team member.

Company perks

Truly make an impact on the world

With our work, huge investment decisions are made. Doing so, we make a huge impact on the world.

Intellectually stimulating

We work with very smart people and develop very complex products. Entis is a great environment for people who are keen to tackle interesting problems.

"Entis enables me to write quality software, for challenging problems, in a flexible home/work environment."
Karel Wesseling
Software Engineer
"A perfect place to turn your knowledge into innovative products and have direct & visible impact on making the world a better place"
Haili Liu
Co-lead sustainable development investment at Entis BV
"A great company to work for if you want to quickly learn new skills and make a positive contribution to this world."
Freek Boelders
Junior Data Scientist

Job openings

We are always open to hire new talent, even if there are no current job openings

Role and responsibilities

  • Researching, analyzing, and building proofs of concept in the domain of machine learning and large-scale text data processing with application in finance (generating data for asset managers for systematic investing)
  • Building solutions keeping in mind how they are controlled for quality in production


  • Competent data scientist having experience with and deep understanding of machine learning models and deriving insights from real world data
  • Working with a cloud-based environment is a plus

Behavior and knowledge:

  • Previously demonstrated quickly gaining an understanding of a new domain or has Entis data domain experience (structured and unstructured related to companies and securities)
  • Interested in new developments in the ML/NLP space
  • Curious, investigative, and explorative mindset
  • Team player, communicator, supportive, positive mindset, result driven

Skills (Proficient):


  • Python
  • Machine learning
  • Strong data analysis skills

Nice to have:

  • Large language models
  • Spark/Databricks
  • SQL
  • Azure Cloud (storage, Kubernetes and containers, SQL databases, Functions, virtual machines, etc.)
  • Financial domain knowledge

What we are looking for

Entis is looking for students who want to support us to improve the quality of our sustainability assessments. This includes a wide variety of tasks, ranging from extracting relevant data to  evaluating company documents according to established rules about what is sustainable and what is not.


• Affinity with sustainable solutions in the field of sustainable energy, health care, food, materials

• Works accurately and decisively

• Available 2-5 days a week

What we offer

We are flexible when it comes to working hours.

More than competitive salary.

Given the Covid-19 situation we expect you to work from home, except during the first week(s) when you’ll receive training on the methodology and tools used.

We adhere to the RIVM requirements for Covid-19.

If you’re interested, please fill in the form below

Role description 

Entis is looking for students who want to support us to improve the quality of the Alpha signals. This includes a wide variety of tasks, for example: 

  • Checking if company’s historic corporate events reflected in our data correspond to the one that could be found online (Wikipedia, news websites) 
  • Checking if our ML and NLP models/functionality produced correct result and help with model training 
  • Helping with daily data management operations, particularly to inspect changes in data about companies to guarantee its quality 



  • Eye for detail, working accurately and decisively 
  • Interest in learning about financial markets, as well as about individual publicly listed companies 
  • Interest in working with ML and NLP functionalities  
  • Availability: 2-5 days a week 


What we offer 

  • We are flexible when it comes to working hours 
  • More than competitive salary 
  • You are allowed to work from home 
  • We adhere to the RIVM requirements for Covid-19 

Our Office

Entis is located at Utrecht Businesspark Papendorp

Entis office - Papendorpseweg 100, 3528 BJ, Utrecht

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