About Us

We Create Actionable Insights for Investors

Entis has strong expertise and knowledge at the intersection of artificial intelligence, unstructured data, thematic and factor investing. Entis is a game changer, developing new reliable analytical methods to mine uncharted investment territory.

We create and provide actionable insights from large volumes of unstructured data. With its AI powered data factory, Entis discovers key investable insights by applying a scientific approach.

We built a unique AI engine on top of integrated data, providing the opportunity for asset managers to complement and improve their decision-making and risk management. By using our innovative services, we can help to realize the potential benefits.

Our Team

Our teams consist of PhD level professionals with backgrounds in AI, computer science, physics, astrophysics, and engineering, with years of experience in professional business consulting. Their integrated skills, combined with the innovative culture and technical infrastructure, make Entis a global front runner and leading co-creator of a new investment paradigm.

Mapping uncharted territory

We positively contribute to both the performance and results of investors, as well to making a sustainable impact in the world.

We scientifically analyze data using artificial intelligence, learning directly from the facts, discovering hidden patterns, and exploring previously unknown connections to generate novel investment information.

Mapping uncharted territory from which new investable insights emerge is at our core.

Mapping uncharted territory
Alpha Factors Landscape

Our values


We solve complex problems and discover new knowledge: we are specialists creating investable insights by using the power of data science.

Quality driven

We have the power to evolve and have a keen eye for our clients' interests.

Out of the box

We are curious. We enjoy pioneering work, creating new methods and tools.

Collaborative and inspiring

We are excellent professionals and have pre-eminent clients. We are an innovative and inter-disciplinary team of experts.

Relevance. Recognition. Results.

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