AI Powered Data Platform

The technology behind Entis' actionable insights for thematic investing

Fresh insights into more than 10K companies worldwide, every day.

Entis' AI Powered Data Factory provides in-depth insights in 10.121+ publicly listed companies worldwide, every day

Comprehensive analysis

Using the power of NLP technology and human expert analysis we scrutinously dissect annual reports, company websites, patent filings, etc., to provide in depth insights on a massive scale.

20+ years of high quality company data

Combining important company data sources, Entis maintains a high quality integrated data set, constantly monitored and improved by our team of analysts.

From insights to investable signals

The AI Powered Data Platform enables Entis to quickly translate academic and analyst insights into investable signals.

Generic AI powered Data Platform

Entis' AI Powered Data Platform allows to create investable insights from unstructured data.

Generic Data Platform with Data Quality Control
AI Powered Data Platform Landscape

With AI we achieve on a massive scale what before only experts could

We provide deep insights into companies by processing textual information such as annual filings, patents, websites, and so on. Until recently, such analysis was a domain exclusively for human experts. Applying state of the art Natural Language Processing techniques, Entis built a platform that provides such insights on a massive scale. We do this for a huge amount of companies daily, allowing you to find hidden gems.

Extensive Data Platform capabilities

Entis makes use of a extensive data platform with complex features like: - State-of-the-art machine learning - Universe mastering - Extensive Data Quality Control

Generic Data Platform with Data Quality Control
Relevance. Recognition. Results.

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