Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, we provide a unique lens through which investors can view the global corporate world - its dynamics, future paths, and the intricate ways in which companies interact and evolve.

Our AI-driven data platform is at the heart of our mission, enabling us to uncover and quantify the kind of deep, qualitative information that truly matters. From analyzing trends and technologies to understanding the relationships between companies, we strive to deliver insights that are as detailed as they are actionable.

Why Entis?

Extensive coverage of over 10,000 companies across both developed and emerging markets, ensuring a wide yet detailed scope of intelligence.

A commitment to transforming complex qualitative data into quantitative insights, enriching the decision-making process for investors.

A pledge to quality and transparency, offering a systematic and comprehensive approach to investment intelligence that complements traditional financial metrics.

We believe in enhancing your investment strategy with insights that look beyond the usual data points, providing a deeper understanding of the market forces at play. ​

Whether you’re involved in index investing, quantitative strategies, or portfolio management, our platform is designed to empower your investment decisions with unmatched clarity and foresight​.

Our Solutions

What sets us apart

Continuous innovation

Rapid development and deployment of new signals from alternative data sources.

Delivering comprehensive daily datasets

Tracking major indices of companies, backed by a robust 20-year history for back-testing.

Insights from alternative data

Through artificial intelligence / natural language processing.

High data quality

Automated data quality controls and experiences analysts ensure the data is of the highest quality for use in live trading models..

Customized solutions

Tailored alpha signals to clients’ needs, preserving the alpha’s effectiveness and value.

Proven track-record with large asset owners

of extracting alpha and sustaiability insights from alternative sources that meet the strictest quality requirements of institutional investors.

Who we are

Our teams consist of PhD level professionals with backgrounds in AI, computer science, physics, astrophysics, and engineering, with years of experience in professional business consulting.