Alpha Factors

Entis discovers and develops alpha signals from unstructured data backtested over 20+ years of history

Backtested over 20+ years

We deliver alpha signals from unstructured data, that have been backtested for over 20 years of history.

Daily data feed

Signals are updated daily, allowing investors to immediately respond to new data.

New signals from unstructured data

Quant research pipeline translating academic insights into new signals.

Latest NLP & ML methods

Signals built using cutting edge AI and NLP solutions, supported by a team of analysts assuring strict data quality.

A new source for alpha

A new source for alpha

Extracting alpha factors using AI from alternative data is of growing importance for active investors, given the depletion of alpha from traditional data sources. It gets ever more difficult to discover new alpha in stock price data and other traditional data. Applying smarter algorithms to traditional data will not help. The solution to finding sustainable alpha is in alternative data. With help of Entis, asset managers gain a unique competitive advantage.

Solid foundation

At the heart of these Alpha Factor analyses are our AI Powered Data Factory and our PhD level data science team.

clear insights for big asset owners
Mining alpha from text

Mining alpha from text

Entis discovers and develops alpha factors from unstructured data such as company texts. This service comprises of deep text analysis, feature discovery, strategy building and back-testing. We invested in tackling the challenges of extracting alpha factors from unstructured data since 2014. Today the competitive edge of Entis is defined by the combination of sophisticated AI with human expertise, as this delivers the best and reliable results. Our expertise to connect with - and retrieve - historical data, including the human interpretation and scientific validation of alpha factors, provides the predictive insights for sustainable alpha.

Where to buy?

Entis delivers Alpha Factors exclusively to APG. Contact us to learn more about Entis.