Thematic investment solutions

We provide tailor made thematic investment solutions for a wide range of financial products

From idea to investable theme at unbeatable speed

Building on Entis' AI Powered Data Platform we develop your research idea into a investable theme swiftly.

Broad scope

Combining all important company data sources, Entis maintains high quality integrated data set, constantly monitored and improved by our team of analysts.

Daily updates

Our signals get updated daily, so that you are always in sync with the latest data.

High quality data standards

Entis production and data quality control processes adheres to high quality data standards.

Identifying frontier technology companies

A European asset manager setting up a portfolio in frontier technologies asked for help in identifying investable companies. After having defined 41 frontier technologies based on text mining scientific articles and patents, we were able to identify numerous companies from developed and emerging markets and rate them based on thematic fit, technological promise and financial metrics.

Identifying frontier technology companies
Assessing immunotherapy start-ups

Assessing immunotherapy start-ups

A Boston based Private Equity company aiming to expand its investment portfolio in cancer medicines requested a second opinion on four start-ups in immunotherapy By linking 14 scientific knowledge bases, patents and scientific articles, Entis not only provided the required insights, but also identified a candidate that was superior to the original four. Eventually, the Private Equity company invested in this company.

A large European specialty chemicals company used our data factory to discover highly promising new technologies

A European specialty chemicals company developed a new compound material for use in solar panels. The challenge the client was facing concerned the identification of a process technology capable of manufacturing large enough volumes of the new compound. By mining academic journals, patents, and knowledge bases maintained by scientists in the field of advanced materials, two highly promising technologies were discovered: one from the field of space travel, the other from acoustics. Using these Entis insights, the company initiated a licensing deal with one of them.

A large European specialty chemicals company used our data factory to discover highly promising new technologies
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