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Entis generates actionable insights for SDI investing and extracts alpha factors from unstructured data.

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Sustainable Development Investments Breakdown
Impactful Asset Management

Sustainable Development Investments

We identify how investing in each of 8000+ companies worldwide contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Optimize your Investment Strategy

Alpha Factors

Entis discovers and develops alpha signals from unstructured data backtested over 20+ years of history

Alpha Factors Signal
Alpha Factors Landscape
Thematic Investment Solutions Frontier Technologies
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Data driven

Thematic Investment Solutions

We provide tailor made thematic investment solutions for a wide range of financial products

Daily insight into 10K+ companies worldwide

AI Powered Data Platform

which provides valuable insights in all major companies worldwide, every day.

AI Powered Data Platform with Unstructured text Data to Alpha Signals and SDI data
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Relevance. Recognition. Results.

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