APG will be offering sustainable index investments

Baskets of shares in sustainable companies, where the client can choose from different sustainability grades. That is how you could describe APG’s new investment product. The launch of iSTOXX APG World Responsible Investment Indices in September 2021 is a joint response by pension administrator APG, index provider Qontigo and asset manager BlackRock to the growing demand for customized, sustainable index products. For an active investor like APG, this step may come as a bit of a surprise at first glance, as the pension administrator is not known as a great advocate of what is irreverently known as “passive investing”. An interview with APG’s Ronald Wuijster (member of the board responsible for asset management) and Ronald van Dijk (managing director of quantitative strategies). “We primarily want to offer the best solution for our clients. In certain cases, that may include an index product.”

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