Our Company

Innovating Asset Management with Data-Driven Insights

About Us

Entis was founded in 2018 from Deloitte Netherlands’ Data Engine team. After being acquired by APG Groep N.V., we have grown as an independent entity within the APG family. Our mission began with a clear goal: to provide unparalleled data insights into the investment landscape.

Our growth has been driven by continuous innovation. Led by an autonomous management team and dedicated experts, we launched our first products in December 2018, showcasing our commitment to improving investment intelligence.​

By August 2021, our alpha signals became an important source for enhancing APG Asset Management’s equity performance, highlighting our expertise in data-driven investment strategies.​

Since 2020, we have played a central role in the SDI Asset Owner Platform, an initiative started by APG and PGGM, and later joined by AustralianSuper and British Columbia Investment Management Corporation. As the creator and provider of SDI data products, we set a new standard for investments aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These products are now used by leading asset managers for their investment strategies.​

Looking ahead, we continue to build on our innovative foundation. As a trusted partner, we provide data-driven insights and solutions to optimize asset management and foster impactful investments.

Who we are

A diverse team shaping the future of investing
We are a globally diverse team of experts and innovators, dedicated to transforming the investment landscape through advanced AI and data analytics.

Our team includes PhDs in AI, computer science, physics, astrophysics, and engineering, alongside professionals in sustainability and business innovation. This diverse group brings together a wide range of backgrounds and specialties, all committed to delivering high-quality and transformative solutions.​

Comprising developers, researchers, and data quality managers, we collaborate to redefine investment possibilities. By driving a client-centric approach, we provide tailored insights with precision and care. Our culture promotes practical innovation and focuses on creating solutions that advance the investment industry.​

Together, we’re not just part of the investment industry - we’re at the vanguard of its evolution.

Leadership at Entis

Wim Scheper

Leads Entis with a focus on strategic innovation. He brings extensive experience from his roles as Partner and Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte, and as a professor in Computer Science at Utrecht University. Wim holds a PhD in Economics from Tilburg University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Twente University, providing him with a strong foundation to guide Entis with a blend of academic insight and practical experience.​

Machiel Westerdijk

Leads Entis focusing on translating data analytics into actionable investment insights. His experience as Director of Analytics Innovation at Deloitte and as a Management Consultant at Capgemini showcases his ability to turn complex data into strategic assets. Machiel holds a PhD in Machine Learning from Radboud University and has studied Physics and Aerospace Engineering, equipping him with the technical expertise to advance Entis in AI-driven investment solutions.​

David Barber

Joined Entis as a Science Advisor in 2022. He also serves as Director of the UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Professor of Machine Learning, and Distinguished Software Engineer at UiPath. As a co-founder of Humanloop, and with a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Edinburgh University and a BA in Mathematics from Cambridge University, David contributes valuable insights that enhance the scientific foundation of Entis’ services.​

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to leverage AI and deep asset management expertise to provide actionable insights that help our clients create better investment solutions. We aim to deliver precise, tailor-made insights that respond quickly to market changes and unlock value from new information sources, ensuring safe and reliable AI applications for superior investment outcomes. We strive to facilitate capital markets by directing capital flows more efficiently to the most promising companies, technologies, and ideas.


Our vision is to become a trusted platform for informed investing. By harnessing our unique capabilities in AI, data analysis, and market knowledge, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of companies, solutions, technologies, and their interrelationships, leading to better-informed decisions and efficient capital allocation.

Our Values


We harness the power of data science to unravel complex problems and uncover novel insights, creating bespoke investment strategies tailored to our clients’ success.

Quality driven

Driven by quality, we are dedicated to providing our clients with investable insights that set a new benchmark for precision and reliability in the asset management industry.

Out of the box

Our curiosity fuels innovation. We delight in pioneering new methods and tools, delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive our clients’ investment success.

Collaborative and inspiring

Our approach is rooted in collaboration and inspiration, working closely with each client to ignite tailored, innovative insights that drive their unique investment journey.