Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Technologies

Forward-looking perspective in sustainable investment through technology insights
Forward looking

Reveals firms’ proprietary technology and sustainable transition commitment through their emerging technology investments over time

Unified Perspective on Revenue and Technology

A central taxonomy offers a unified view on how company revenue and patents are aligned with SDGs. This provides insight into the business’ present and future commitment.. Achieved through a centralized and meticulously curated taxonomy for both revenues and patents.

Fine-grained and comprehensive taxonomy

Rooted in an expansive framework encompassing all global technologies critical for SDG achievement, revealing companies’ strategic differences.

Deep expertise in identifying underlying technologies

Crafted by subject-matter experts in a rigorously governed process under strict quality control measures, to ensure accurate modeling and identification of underlying technologies.

Historical data for sustainable investment strategies

Empowers investors with a decade-long data history for robust alpha research and generation.

How to benefit from our solution
Portfolio Construction
Thematic index construction
Informed engagement with companies
Peer identification
and comparison
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Sustainable Technologies
Alpha from Alternative Data