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Alpha from Alternative Data

We discover and develop alpha signals from unstructured data backtested over 20+ years of history

Since 2020 we deliver data on a daily basis to one of the largest pension funds in Europe.

Why alpha from alternative data?

Given the depletion of alpha from traditional data sources, the exploration of alternative data for alpha factors has emerged as the latest frontier, providing asset managers with a competitive edge in today’s market.

Why us?

Entis discovers and develops alpha factors from unstructured data such as company filings, patents, and social media posts. We have invested in tackling the challenges of extracting alpha factors from unstructured data since 2014. Our competitive edge is in the combination of state-of-the-art NLP and ML with human expertise, as this delivers the highest quality results. We deliver data that is ready to use in your quantitative strategies.

Covering ~10,000 global companies
Backtested over 20+ years
Daily data feed
Rapid development and deployment of new alpha signals from alternative data
Based on unstructured data
Latest NLP & ML methods
Track record of generating alpha for our clients
Tailored alpha signals to clients’ needs, preserving the alpha's effectiveness and value

Featured Datasets

Networks and Peer Momentum

We use natural language processing (NLP) and AI to analyze various datasets, such as company filings and patent registries and map out intricate networks that reveal connections beyond standard industry classifications. This method helps us identify ‘peer momentum’—a dynamic where the performance or behavior of related companies affects each other. ​

Technology and Innovation

Our system measures a company’s exposure to new trends. By analyzing this data, we generate actionable insights to guide investment decisions. For example, we recommend long positions in companies heavily involved in promising technologies and short positions in those with less exposure, aiming to capture returns driven by technological innovation.​

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