Thematic Investing

Unlocking Thematic Investment Opportunities with AI powered Insights
Why Thematic investing

Investor interest in thematic funds has skyrocketed in recent years. Thematic investing offers investors the opportunity to align their portfolios with long-term trends and disruptive innovations shaping the world. By focusing on specific themes, investors can capitalize on emerging opportunities and potentially outperform traditional market indices.

What we offer

With our AI platform, we can rapidly score over 10,000 companies globally on any theme, from broad themes like clean energy or healthcare to novel ones like quantum computing, alternative food production, or climate resilience. We provide detailed insights into specific sub-themes and niche product categories.

For example, in clean energy, we evaluate companies on topics such as domestic heat pumps, small-scale hydropower, carbon capture storage, or hydrogen solutions. In healthcare, we assess contributions to solutions such as diagnostics, telemedicine, genetic testing, or personalized medicine. Our platform delivers precise, actionable insights, offering unparalleled flexibility and depth to capitalize on thematic opportunities with confidence.​

Precision within Broad Coverage

Rapidly score over 10,000 companies on any theme, providing detailed insights into specific sub-themes and niche product categories for precise, informed investment decisions.​

Established and Novel Themes

Evaluate both established and emerging themes, from clean energy and healthcare to cutting-edge areas like quantum computing and climate resilience, ensuring comprehensive market coverage.

Transparency and Quality

Built on a transparent, rule-based classification system, our platform uses publicly accessible data with explicit citations, ensuring full traceability and accountability.

Flexibility and Speed

Designed for high performance, our platform handles extensive datasets and custom solutions concurrently, offering unparalleled flexibility and depth, accelerating your time to market.

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