Our Data and AI Platform

Our Data

Comprehensive, Accurate, and Reliable Insights from Global Markets
Our datasets each span over 10,000 companies across emerging and developed markets, ensuring broad coverage of global capital markets.


We prioritize absolute quality with zero tolerance for misclassifications, and our transparent, auditable processes provide detailed insights based on standardized frameworks.


Extracted from unstructured text and transformed into easy-to-use data, our highly accurate measurements offer granular insights into company activities.


With frequent and reliable data delivery, we ensure our users receive consistent, high-quality information.​
Broad coverage 

Of global capital markets portfolio​ >10,000 companies​ EM + DM

Easy to use

Extracted from unstructured text information and transformed into easy to use data

Absolute quality

Zero tolerance for misclassifications.

High Accuracy

Highly granular and specific measurement of company activities

Transparent and auditable

Providing detailed insights to users to validate each result. Based on standardized frameworks.

Highly reliable

Frequent and Reliable Data Delivery

Automated data quality controls

Automated data quality controls and experienced analysts ensuring the data is of the highest quality for use in trading models​

Proven track record

Proven track record of meeting the highest quality criteria of leading asset managers​

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