Sustainable Investing

UN SDG revenue alignment

Gain clear and actionable insights to ensure your investment portfolios align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and avoid negative contributions.
Why Choose Our UN SDG Revenue Alignment Solution?


  • Comprehensive Revenue Alignment Measurement:

Evaluate companies’ alignment with the UN SDGs by analyzing their product and service revenues. This fosters greater transparency and accountability in your investment decisions.​

  • Dual Contribution Assessment:

Accurately assess both positive and negative impacts of companies’ products and services on the SDGs, minimizing the risk of investing in companies that harm the sustainable development goals.​

  • Transparent and Auditable Classification:

Our solution is built on a clear taxonomy and a rigorous rule-based approach. We use only publicly accessible data and provide explicit citations, ensuring full transparency and traceability.​

  • Extensive Market Coverage:

Our dataset covers over 10,000 companies across listed equity and fixed income issuers, offering a broad and detailed view of the global capital market with six years of historical data.​

Benefits for Investors:
Informed Decision-Making:
  • Make more informed investment decisions with detailed insights into how companies contribute to or detract from the UN SDGs.
Risk Mitigation:
  • Reduce the risk of investing in companies with negative impacts.​
Enhanced Transparency:
  • Benefit from a solution that prioritizes transparency and accountability, with a clear audit trail from data source to final analysis.​
Global Perspective:
  • Access a comprehensive view of global capital markets, allowing for diversified and responsible investment strategies.​

Ensure your investments not only achieve financial returns but also contribute positively to global sustainability goals.​

As investors look to align their portfolios with their sustainable objectives, they are becoming increasingly focused on defining these objectives with specificity, including SDGs. The implementation of SDG-aligned investment strategies requires quality data with specific analytical methodologies. We are pleased to strengthen our sustainable product and client offerings with the SDI AOP dataset.
Carolyn Weinberg

Managing Director & Global Head of Product, ETF and Index Investments at BlackRock

The UN SDG revenue alignment product is developed in collaboration with the SDI Asset Owner Platform (SDI AOP), an initiative led by asset owners to accelerate investments towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDI AOP sets a new standard for SDG investments, enhancing engagement with companies, regulators, and stakeholders, and is available through ISS STOXX. Visit SDI AOP website.

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